Why you should Choose Utah as your Next Home

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Reasons why you should Choose Utah as your Next Home

by Pat Melfi

Different people have different reasons for loving Utah, the state is famous for its mountains’ and deserts. Also referred to as the Beehive State for its bee farming industry, people have been flocking to Utah to experience its scenic beauty and diverse culture. It’s not just Salt Lake Conty but also counties like Utah, Davis and Weber that have become preferred destinations for those looking for a new home in Utah. Here are some of the top reasons why Utah is a great place to live and raise your family.

Beautiful mountains

Utah is a state where you find mountains wherever you go. These mountains are not just a great source of scenic beauty, but they also protect Utah residents from extreme weather conditions such as biting cold and tornedos. These mountains are also sources of fresh rivers and springs.

Wonderful outdoors

Utah is a state where one gets to enjoy wide open spaces in the outdoors. It is home to 5 National parks which is why tourists keep pouring in this state all through the year. Others travel thousands of miles to see the beauty of these parks, Utahans call them home.

Festivals and fairs

Utah is not exactly famous for its nightlife but people of this state enjoy the many festivals that are held here every year. Some of the very popular festivals of Utah include Utah Arts Festival, Sundance Film Festival, and Shakespeare Festival. The Holi Festival celebrated in Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple in Utah has become famous all over the world. More than 70000 people gather on the day of Holi and have fun by throwing colors on each other.

Fantastic educational facilities

The biggest concern of families moving to a new place is the quality of educational institutions. Utah is home to not just lots of excellent quality public schools but also many top-class universities such as Weber University, University of Utah, Brigham Young University and Utah State University.

Safe environment for families

Utah is one of the most family friendly states of the country. In a recent study, Utah was ranked at the top of the list of most safe states for living and raising a family. There is a strong sense of community among the residents and they help and care for each other.

If you like what you read, it is prudent to talk to a local real estate professional who can help you in finding your dream home inside your budget in Utah.