November, Our Thankful Month

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This is my favorite time of year.  There’s always a lot going on in November.  For one thing, it’s a pivotal month between the hoopla of Halloween and the craziness of Christmas.  But of course, November also features its very own heavyweight holiday, Thanksgiving.  It’s a time of the year where no monetary gifts are not expected.  It’s a time of the year where “we” are the gift to one another.

November is also the month when the leaves come off the trees and the weather starts to get nippy in many places. Fall is in full effect, and winter is signaling its imminent arrival. It’s a great time to slip on some warm socks, grab a warm drink, and get cozy with loved ones.  It’s also a perfect time to send greetings to all the important people in your life.

 It seems that the media has progressively eliminated Thanksgiving over the years.  Retailers begin Christmas displays in some cases before Halloween and totally by-passing Thanksgiving. Crazy! This year, 2020, we are burdened with COVID-19 and politicians telling us what we can and cannot do.  I hear things like going to jail for more than 6 people being in my home, intentional 14 day quarantines as you travel from state-to-state, no family gatherings longer than 2 hours…yada, yada, yada.

Despite all the rhetoric, my natural human manhood that allows me every now and then to think that 2020 should just go away, and any other shortcoming we have as humans, I pierce through the noise at this time, as I have throughout my life, and come to this really “thankful” place. 

I find the important things that outshine the garbage we are constantly presented with…things like loved ones, a spirit at peace, a good and healthy heart, successful business relationships, amazing friendships and so much more. And oh yes, don’t forget that “stuffed” feeling, naps and football…lol!

Try to escape the noise of the day this year and stay close-to-home with the things that matter and always remember,  YOU MATTER TO ME. Thank you for being the most important part of my life.